TensCare Perfect Beauty Toning Device

Leaky Bladder Solutions

Perfect BEAUTY is a revolutionary product the world was looking for. This beauty therapy device contains 8 EMS progams for muscle toning and shaping, wrinkle reduction and face lifts. Compact and travel-friendly, this unit will accompany you everywhere.

This beauty therapy unit helps in shaping and toning muscles with separate programs tailored to work specific areas, from face to abs to hips. Additionally, it helps fight the appearance of ‘orange peel’ effect, also known as cellulite.

Perfect BEAUTY also helps with facial aesthetics. The beauty therapy programs in the device are set to help reduction of wrinkles as well as to provide the overall anti-ageing effect. It lifts and tightens the soft tissues of the face, improving facial muscle tone.

The device is a muscle stimulator that sends a gentle electrical current (similar to your natural nerve impulses) to the muscles being treated via two or four auto-adhesive electrode pads, in order to help you to firm and tone your body, and to maintain your youthful appearance.

20 minutes per day for an improved appearance.