TensCare Perfect Mama for Labour

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TensCare have many years experience in providing a modern, safe drug-free solution for labour pain. This TENS maternity unit uses the latest technology and is, above all, portable and easy to use. Perfect mamaTENS can help you eliminate the anxiety that comes with labour as it is fully safe for both, the mother and the baby.

There is a lot of scientific and medical evidence behind the efficacy of TENS in alleviating childbirth pain. It is effective not just during the birth but also helps with back pains during pregnancy and can help with a quicker postpartum recovery.

This drug-free childbirth pain relief TENS unit is approved by Health Canada as well as its use being proven scientifically. As a safety feature, it has an open circuit system integrated, which means if the electrode does not have full contact, the power will be cut off automatically.

TensCare Perfect mamaTENS is reccomended by midwives, doulas and health care professionals. It is safe, easy to use and affordable. It has a boost button to enable you to labour through your contractions and the goal is to allow you to labour at home longer. The pads are reusable up to 20 times so you can test it before you go into labour after 37 weeks.